Where has the time gone?

August 12, 2011 - 141 comments. Posted by in Prat Perch journey.

It is August already! Far from being quiet, things at Prat Perch have accelerated. We have a demo / concept of our initial product that we have been showing a (sometimes!) eager audience.

This post discusses another step on our journey and some amazing feedback we’ve had, while we’ve been out meeting potential customers.

Amazingly the feedback from people has been extremely positive. We haven’t got everything right and are busy now working on the suggestions that people have put forward.

It was lovely however, to see that moment where people go from “what is this all about” to “I get it – that’s cool!” …

Normally this is followed by a barrage of further questions; these range from deep technical questions around “how is that possible” to “haven’t I already got that” (no!) to “in that case can it also do xyz”.

This last question is turning out to be my favourite. Invariably people are suggesting things that we haven’t thought of and that has been fantastic.

With that reaction people are accepting the difference of what we are looking to achieve and then focusing on the consequences and improvements they’d like.

It is an amazing experience (both scary and rewarding) going out and talking to potential customers – I heartily recommend it …

Many times we interrupted people working hard, on a tight time scale, to prepare racing vehicles for racing.

I have forgotten the number of times we went from people going “sorry we are too busy” to briefly showing them what we’re doing and then not being able to get away!

Thanks to everyone we’ve spoken too. I look forward to meeting many more of you soon.

Next steps for us is to develop some more of a working prototype for people to try.

I also plan to blog a little more now we are definitely pursuing this project.

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